Zero tolerance for gangs in Pontefract

[Yorkshire Evening Post, 19th March 1956]


Bench advises: ‘Break up Gang’

When four defendants admitted at Pontefract today being drunk and disorderly on February 25, they were each fined the maximum of £2.

Supt. C. F. Marsh said: “I think these people call themselves the Brotherton Gang. All of them were dressed in what we usually associate with Teddy Boys – drainpipe trousers and draped coats.

“Brotherton Gang or not, if they are committing a breach of the peace they will be dealt with vigorously by the police, and I hope the police have the support of the magistrates in that.”

Jail Warning

The defendants were John D Wright (24), farmer and Jeffrey Clayton (18) pit worker, both of Great North Road, Fairburn; Colin Bramham (18) surface worker, Byram Park, Brotherton, and Malcolm W Ryans (20) miner, King’s Crescent, Chequerfield, Pontefract.

The Chairman, Mr George Wright, told them: “If you are the Brotherton Gang I would advise you to get it broken up immediately because you are heading for trouble if you come into Pontefract starting this bother.

“There is nothing to stop boys wearing drainpipe trousers if they want, but we are not going to tolerate gangs in Pontefract.”


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