Tesco application for Beeston store stalled – more time needed to think it through

Planning permission that was expected to be granted earlier this month for a new Tesco store in Beeston has been stalled after council officials said they needed more time to think the matter through properly.

As reported in the leeds citizen, the supermarket giant’s application to build the store at the junction of Moorhouse Avenue and Old Lane was supposed to have been discussed on Thursday 8th September at a meeting of Leeds City Council’s Plans Panel (East).

The Chief Planning Officer had recommended that the application be granted, so it was expected that the supermarket would get the go-ahead despite a vehement objection from a rival supermarket chain which claimed the Council’s own research indicated the store was not needed.

It now turns out that the new store never got discussed at the meeting.

“The application was withdrawn from the agenda as a further representation had been submitted which raised points which Officers wanted to consider properly and not in the short time available to do so,” council official Angela Bloor told the leeds citizen today. “A further report will be presented to Panel in due course”.

Minutes of the 8th September meeting have not yet been posted on the Council’s website. The next meeting of the Panel is on 6th October.

We’ll keep you posted.


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3 Responses to Tesco application for Beeston store stalled – more time needed to think it through

  1. John says:

    Am I missing something here? The report from the 8th seems to give Tesco the go ahead, provided they meet certain conditions. If they meet them then the Chief Planning Officer will grant permission. Great blog by the way.

    DEFER and DELEGATE approval to the Chief Planning officer subject to the
    conditions specified ( and any others which he might consider appropriate ) and the
    completion of a legal agreement within 3 months from the date of resolution unless
    otherwise agreed in writing by the Chief Planning Officer, to deal with …

  2. Cheers John,
    I think the “defer and delegate…” etc etc is just a recommendation contained in a report to the meeting of the 8th from the Chief Planning Officer. It definitely hasn’t gone through yet. Will be interesting to see if it makes it on to the agenda of the next meeting on 6th October.

  3. John says:

    Thanks very much, John.

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