Leeds Marketing gets new Asda chair – crowds wait for puff of smoke

Expect the puff of white smoke and the joyful cry of ‘Habemus Principem Mercatus’ to go up from the Civic Hall any day now. Or not.

The announcement today that ASDA chief executive Andy Clarke is to be the new chairman of a soon-to-be-revamped Marketing Leeds has led at least one commentator to suggest that expectations are now going to be raised that “the long search for a new chief executive (of Marketing Leeds) may also be approaching an end”.

Raised expectations? I don’t think so.

It’s only six months, after all, since the original would-be chief execs sent in their applications, four months since the search was widened, two months since the Council said a new appointment process would begin shortly and a week till current incumbent Deborah Green is supposed to be stepping down.

What’s the rush?

We’re with Leeds Marketing on this one. The job is where it’s been for half a year, “currently in recruitment”.


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