Tesco plans for Beeston store further delayed

Tesco’s planning application for a new store in Beeston has been further delayed. The application was supposed to have been discussed at a meeting of Leeds Council’s Plans Panel (East) in early September, but now won’t be heard till November at the earliest.

The application never got discussed in September after a further objection had been received from “a retail competitor” and council officials said they needed more time to think the matter through properly. Now it hasn’t made it on to the agenda of next week’s October meeting of the Panel.

Ahead of the September meeting, the Co-op had raised a vehement objection to the Tesco store, claiming that the Council’s own research indicated there was no need for a new food retail outlet in the area.


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2 Responses to Tesco plans for Beeston store further delayed

  1. Alison says:

    There was something this morning about a new Asda to replace the Netto on the same road… negotiations behind the scenes, methinks!

  2. John says:

    Asda has bought all the Netto stores in the UK. They are currently converting them, they’ve just done ones in Harehills and Batley. All the planning decisions around supermarkets in South Leeds have been a complete joke. It was obvious to anyone who read ASDA’s proposals for Middleton that the y would never deliver in the time they said. The Tesco in Middleton would’ve been open over a year now, and it was in a much better location. Not sure if I’m glad about the decision with ALDI, I do like the old building, but what can it become. Not much has been done in Middleton anyway to preserve the original ‘garden suburb’ features so why start now? Does this herald a change of direction?

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