Win a year’s free travel on High Speed Rail! And VIP tickets to see The Fall! It’s the leeds citizen quiz!

Our readers (Max and Tilly Saville-Rowe of Chapel Allerton) say they’re sick of all the “po-faced posturing” they come across in this blog and have asked us to chill out and lighten up a bit.

So, just for you Max and Tilly, here’s our first quiz. And your chance to win some fabulous prizes!

All you have to do is answer 20 ‘current affairs’ questions about Leeds. Don’t worry if you get stuck. We’ve put some clues at the bottom of the page.

Just fill in the answers in a comment to the post…

…and here’s what you could win!


Sick of the same-old same-old at the Trinity, Eastgate and Merrion Centre shopping malls?

Get some proper shopping in every day for a year courtesy of High-Speed-Rail-2!

Leaving the Leeds Transformational Transport Hub after the au-pair has taken the kids to school, you could be at Armani on Regent Street for 9.45. And be back in Leeds for elevenses!

Now that’s what we call a New Bargain!


Sick of slumming it in rowdy, beer-stained dives under the arches? Sick of standing up for stand up?

Win yourself a proper night out!

We’re giving away two VIP tickets to see the King of Curmudgeon at the exciting new Leeds Arena.

While you sit back, relax and laugh along to the Prestwich Prankster, you’ll be feasting yourselves on a hamper of locally-sourced Yorkshire deli delights from Fortnum and Mason (brought up fresh that day from London on HS2 by apprentices from the Leeds Retail Academy).

Now that’s what we call a New Bargain!


Here are the questions:

Question 1
Whose research proves that cutting train times between London and Leeds by 50 minutes and between London and Sheffield by 45 minutes could bring in benefits worth billions of pounds?

Question 2
Who gets to brief the Leeds region’s top politicians and policy-makers about the benefits of High-Speed-Rail-2?

Question 3
Who wrote the Leeds City Region Transport Strategy in 2009?

Question 4
Which consultancy firm has a placeman on the policy-making think-tank, Leeds City Region’s Economic Drivers and Innovation panel?

Question 5
Which multinational consultancy wrote the Leeds region’s Urban Eco-Settlements Delivery Programme?

Question 6
Who are the only consultants involved in the Leeds Climate Change Partnership?

Question 7
Who wrote the business case for the Leeds City Region’s bid to host the UK’s Green Investment Bank?

Question 8
Whose green infrastructure project called Fresh Aire has won the full backing of West Yorkshire’s top politicians and policymakers?

Question 9
Who was responsible for developing the financial proposals for Leeds Council for its exciting Leeds Arena?

Question 10
Which firm of international consultants prepared and submitted the outline planning application for the exciting Leeds Arena?

Question 11
Which multinational business is now providing “support” for the exciting Leeds Arena project on engineering services, building services, sustainability and acoustics?

Question 12
Which firm of consultants used to be on Yorkshire Forward’s Urban Renaissance, Professional and Consultancy Services and Technical and Professional Services panels?

Question 13
Who was recently appointed President of the Leeds Chamber of Commerce?

Question 14
Who has been helping Leeds Council with its Core Strategy and Vision?*

Question 15
Which firm of consultants boasts its involvement in Leeds’ future development is at “strategic level”?

Question 16
Who wrote the influential document ‘Understanding Yorkshire and Humber’s Strategic Housing Land Availability’ in 2008

Question 17
Who wrote the Leeds Employment Land Review?

Question 18
Who was appointed earlier this year to be one of five technical advisers to exclusively provide services to Leeds Council for the next three years?

Question 19
Which multinational firm of consultants is acting as agent for Aire Valley Environmental in their attempt to win Leeds Council’s £68.6m waste treatment PFI project?

Question 20
Who are the Mighty Whites going to lose to in the play-offs this year?


Here are the clues:
1) Arup
2) Arup
3) Arup
4) Arup
5) Arup
6) Arup
7) Arup
8) Arup – oops! no it isn’t. it’s “environmental organisatons across the LCR via consultation workshops. But the strategy development was supported by LDA Design”
9) Arup
10) Arup
11) Arup
12) Arup
13) Arup director Nigel Foster
14) Arup * should have gone to Specsavers
15) Arup
16) Arup
17) Arup
18) Arup
19) Arup
20) West Ham


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9 Responses to Win a year’s free travel on High Speed Rail! And VIP tickets to see The Fall! It’s the leeds citizen quiz!

  1. Mike Chitty says:

    Would be funny if it weren’t so true. But hey Leeds seems to have a thing about employee owned firms. Look at their lust for JLP too.

    Good work…

  2. Gareth Zahir-bill says:

    I would prefer not to win the first prize, but could I have the second? (one the basis that hs2 isn’t going to happen)

    • You can most certainly have the second, as there’s no chance of Mr Smith being invited to play there. But should it happen, I will get you the tickets and drive down to Fortnum and Mason at 80mph to fetch your hamper personally.

  3. Mel Taylor says:

    Oops – answer to Question 8 is environmental organisatons across the LCR via consultation workshops. But the strategy development was supported by LDA Design. Sorry!

    • Oops indeed! Cheers Melanie. Just sent our research unit onto the naughty step.

      Question should have been: which consultancy firm has been bidding for European funds together with the Leeds City Region to further develop the Fresh Aire project?

  4. Richard says:

    I think answer to Question 8 is actually GVA Grimley – they’ve done several bits of work on that, including the delivery plan – all available here: .

  5. Richard says:

    (that would be question 5!)

  6. Jon Beech says:

    Pleader owns us (anag)

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