Stand-in parachuted in to front Marketing Leeds as hunt for chief exec goes on

A former Director of Leeds City Council’s City Development has been called in to hold the fort as chief executive of Marketing Leeds while the long search to appoint someone permanently to the post goes on. And on.

According to a report in Business Desk, Marketing Leeds says Jean Dent will be taking on the role one day a week from 14th October, when the current chief executive Deborah Green steps down.

“The Marketing Leeds board has approved interim executive arrangements to take effect from October 14,” a statement from Marketing Leeds quoted by Business Desk said. “Current non-executive director Jean Dent will provide interim executive support with particular responsibility for finance and governance until a new chief executive is appointed. An announcement is expected shortly.”

At the time of writing no statement on the interim arrangements had appeared on the Leeds Marketing or Leeds City Council web sites.

The search for a new chief executive began six and a half months ago when the post was advertised in the press. Over four months ago the search was widened. Over two months ago – when Deborah Green said she was leaving the organisation – the Council said a new appointment process would begin shortly.


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