So, farewell Harry Ramsden’s…

So, farewell then Harry Ramsden’s Britain’s best-loved fish and chip shop at White Cross Guiseley they say it’s Aldi behind it but we saw it coming when Welcome to Yorkshire left you out of their Fish and Chip Trail which encourages tourists to pop in to a nearby chippie and enjoy a real taste of Yorkshire which we thought a bit odd at the time as Websters of Idle got in alright thank you very much.

But they were golden days when Harry Corbett the one out of Sooty quite literally played your piano and the day when 10,182 portions were served with lashings of bread and butter and tea Just imagine which if we’re not mistaken was featured on record-breakers when it was hosted by that bloke with a trumpet and the king of sporting statisticians Norris McWhirter or was it the one who got killed by the IRA.

Hare Hare
Whichever in the Merrion Centre bowling alley we used to sing your name whenever that George Harrison song came on the jukebox Hare Ramsden, Hare Ramsden, Ramsden Ramsden, Hare Hare talking of which our readers (Max and Tilly Savile Rowe) are getting together an online petition to save you as an iconic flagship of our local retail heritage and failing that sending a proposal to the new chief of Marketing Leeds to see what chance putting together some finance for the site as a cluster on the aire valley eco-office partnership plan (section 106 exempt) plus the BBC want Max to have his say on the chip shop that fried its way into the hearts of millions on the day of the biggest national strike in a decade or was that a generation so if we get 100,000 followers who knows

Aire Valley eco-office cluster - an artist's impression

Hand battered
Max and Tilly have done these things like the campaign for sash windows in Bristol before they moved to Chapel Allerton and say there’s not enough people standing up for what’s great about Leeds they drove by Guiseley White Cross that time on their way to Lishman’s the pioneers of dalesman chorizo but what troubles us residents is the future coming when those lads that hang round the back of Harry Ramsden’s having sneaky fags and cans of an evening will be out the front sat on bulldozed chandeliers saying so much for inward investment d’you remember the time you could have a succulent fillet of fish hand battered to order in the kitchen in a light fluffy yet crisp batter for only £8.50 and a house Pinot Grigio for £4.50 a glass that is but not bad considering inflation, the strikes and the trouble in Italy


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