Elected mayor for Leeds? As if…

So what if Liverpool’s getting one in May nothing for an elected mayor to do here in the Leeds City Region as if we need a debate with councillors reporting back no clamour for one on the grass roots doorstep move on no democratic deficit to see here

and like we needed an elected mayor to strike the 30 year Barclays programme to refurbish our harmonious communities I think not or the 25-year Interserve wellness custody centre come to that or the 20-year HBOS streetlights who needs an elected mayor when the chair of the public-private working breakfast regeneration board or his proxy is striking best city top deals

Portuguese extra virgin

and what’s to want from an elected mayor when BAM the builder gifts us a community skills agenda garden out of the goodness of the £6m a year we pay as if we haven’t got sustainable growth sorted not just with the iconic Veolia Leeds Arena top acts making £25m a year FOR US to spend at Eastgate Topman you see if we don’t not to mention do we need an elected mayor to get us on the fast train to London when here we are already in the lobby with our cash benefits for green Leeds banners I mean do we not

and what’s left for an elected mayor to do now our retail soul mate’s at 63% occupied and another bit of proper vibrancy on the way John Lewis arrangements permitting plus the promise of mostly arts and crafts and Portuguese extra virgin at the market

Merrion Centre slabs

go on then Liverpool show us the effing elected mayor that’s up there with Leeds in terms of brownfield riverside loft apartments and standing up for design institute apprenticeships for 8 local lads at Hepworth’s gone Austick’s gone and Marshall and Snelgrove sucked its last bill up the tube and it’ll all go that way the health hub the city region innovation board the community swimming pool and the model partnership working with the green-belt Chamber you mark my words it’ll all go the way of Vallances if we get an elected mayor…

Merrion Centre Large Casino Slab - an artist's impression

and answer me this would an elected mayor have given us Light Night and the Chinese Olympic team plus Serbian divers splashing out well over £100 a day EACH at our top class university boutique hotel anchor stores nope and what’s the problem with the plans we’ve already got for best city with lower perceptions of domestic burglary poverty and vibrant new gateways to the best transport hub saying a right Yorkshire Welcome to Yorkshire plus would an elected mayor have said matching slabs or else round the back of the Merrion Centre large casino don’t think so and how would he help when you can’t get a ticket for Annie for love nor money anyway…

elected mayor for Leeds we cannot be arsed just take the debate on Radio Leeds who came forward on Friday mid-morning after have your say about men with beards and the craziest place you’ve had a puncture that could be bikes too so thanks for coming in again Keith Wakefield council leader it’s madness just look at what they did for Doncaster and Barcelona cafe culture just let us get on with 40,000 jobs in the pipeline in any case now Sir Jimmy’s gone and Don Revie and Paul and Barry Ryan and the 90s clubbing scene all gone who could be mayor anyway no-one

we are not Scouser Trots after £180m not Tory yes-men we are Leeds we like things the way they are the way they’ve always been the way the aldermen tell us we’ll be marching on forever but before you go Yvette what our listeners are tweeting is are you appearing on the cover of GQ and what does Ed think?


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