Another month, another incinerator for east Leeds comes before planners

Plans for an incinerator that would burn up to 300,000 tonnes of commercial and industrial waste a year are up for discussion at a Leeds City Council planning meeting next week.

Last month it was the Council’s Private Finance Initiative (PFI) partner Veolia that was explaining its plans for an incinerator at Cross Green to the Council’s plans panel for the east of the city. This month it’s an application by waste management specialists Biffa that’s being discussed.

Biffa’s plan is to build a plant at the site of the former Skelton Grange power station (near junction 44 of the M1) that would generate electricity for 52,000 households from burning commercial waste that currently goes to landfill.

No decision on the Biffa application will be taken at next Friday’s meeting (23rd February), but councillors on the panel will be asked to comment on aspects of the plans such as: landscaping and design (the chimney’s going to be 90m high and visible from all over, for example); air quality and health issues; consultation with local people; and whether the incinerator would fit in with the council’s long-term development plans.

“Have your say”

According to a report being presented to the meeting, Biffa carried out some consultation with local people and groups in the second half of 2010, following the initial publication of its plans. Since its formal planning application was advertised last autumn (in the Leeds Weekly News) four letters of objection from the public have been received and one from the Environment Agency, the latter because they’re concerned over the effect the plant’s waste bunker could have on groundwater.

You can see the details of Biffa’s planning application here.  Just type in 11/03705 into the box that says “Application Reference”.

And if you want to see the website that Biffa have set up around its plans for Skelton Grange, it’s here. I went along because the Council report mentioned above said there was an “open forum” page on the site. Hardly. It’s just a standard “have your say” page, with an email address and a phone number for those wanting to comment.


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  1. Peter Exley says:

    Is this another low tech development? Is it a closed. or open to atmosphere

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