Bus lane cameras set to be rolled across whole of Leeds following successful pilot

The use of cameras to catch motorists illegally using bus lanes is set to be rolled out across the whole of Leeds following a successful pilot scheme in the city centre.

A report going to a meeting next week (7th March) of Leeds City Council’s executive board recommending the move says that since the scheme was introduced in August last year offences are down by 82% – to 1,685 per week.

Introduction of cameras across all the other existing bus lane sites in Leeds and any new ones will be phased. On average each site would take over a year to pay for installation, software and licensing, not taking into account any ongoing maintenance costs.

“Each site will be financed by Environment and Neighbourhoods Directorate at nil cost, with revenue generated from penalty notices offsetting the implementation and ongoing costs at each site,” the report says.

In the first six months since the cameras were introduced, 29,325 drivers were fined a total of £712,000 for flouting the bus lane regulations, the Yorkshire Evening Post reported last month.


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2 Responses to Bus lane cameras set to be rolled across whole of Leeds following successful pilot

  1. Tom says:

    As well as helping buses, clear bus lanes are also very useful for cyclists

  2. MarkW says:

    Good! I regularly drive home along Burley Road and being queue-jumped by someone driving in the bus lane is infuriating.

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