Car park plan for Tetley brewery site going to planners next week. Alternative plan off the cards?

Proposals to turn part of the former Tetley brewery site in Leeds into a commuter car park look set to be accepted when planners meet in Leeds next week.

A report going to a meeting next Thursday (15th March) of Leeds City Council’s plans panel for the city centre recommends that 11 sites – including land at the former brewery – be granted permission to be used as commuter car parks for a period of five years.

The 11 sites will provide the city centre with a total of 3,218 car parking spaces, slightly above the cap of 3,200 set by the council last year. The former brewery site -where demolition work is currently under way – will provide 601 of those spaces.

Plan B out the window?

If councillors agree to the recommendations, one has to presume that the alternative plan drawn up for the site by a consortium of Leeds companies and developers will not now go ahead.

Under the alternative plan – backed by the Leeds Civic Trust – the original brewery building would have been converted into a high-tech data centre providing the whole of Leeds with super-fast broadband.

New family housing and converted offices would have been heated by waste heat from the data centre, and the derelict street of listed houses and the Crown pub would have been taken down and reconstructed at Bridge End.

There’s a video presentation of the alternative plan for the site here – on the South Leeds Life website.

Apart from the car park, Carlsberg’s plans for the site include turning the Tetley’s headquarters building into an art gallery, with a 1.2 acre park next to it.


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2 Responses to Car park plan for Tetley brewery site going to planners next week. Alternative plan off the cards?

  1. Reblogged this on South Leeds Life and commented:
    Check out this post from the ever-reliable Leeds Citizen, the Zorro of the Leeds blogging community…

  2. I think it a great shame and lost opportunity that Leeds should allow more car parking places rather than shun it’s responsibilities to the Leeds peopl. We don’t needs another car park but we do need regeneration. Can the roads and local streets cope with 600 cars arriving and leaving each day?

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