Here’s the list of candidates for Leeds wards in the local elections. Pass it on

Due to a “temporary technical problem” Leeds City Council is unable to host the list of nominated candidates for the local elections on its website. So, in a spirit of comradely cooperation, here it is:

Statement of Persons Nominated 3 May 2012

For a table showing which parties are standing where, click here.


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7 Responses to Here’s the list of candidates for Leeds wards in the local elections. Pass it on

  1. SDC says:

    Thanks. How difficulty can it be for Leeds City Council to get their act together?

  2. Bywater blog says:

    How come some of the candidates don’t put their correct address? Is this legal? It is certainly misleading for the electorate. I only looked at five wards and I spotted at least four errors.

  3. stephen mcbarron says:

    Back in the day Leeds Elections Office would pride themselves on getting the full list in the papers on the day nominations closed. Legendary names like John Dransfield and Tom McCarthy in charge then!

    • Harry George says:

      Stephen McBarron is a Facebook troll. Offensively making untrue accusations of racism on Yorkshire Evening posts page.

      • Stephen McBarron says:

        I’m actually a Co-Opted member of Leeds City Council Inner Area Committee and Chair of Bramley Labour Party. This individual ‘Harry George’ is a racist who uses a fake name and account to peddle his bile. The authorities know about him and are keeping an eye on him.
        Stephen McBarron (Bramley resident for 40 years)

  4. Blah says:

    Thanks. Didn’t know which candidates were running. Thou now I have that information, I can’t seem to find much information about any of the candidates running in this area. Its extremely annoying voting for someone when you haven’t had an informed choice – think that’s the right context.

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