Tired of doing it THEIR way? It’s our go!


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4 Responses to Tired of doing it THEIR way? It’s our go!

  1. Paddle Paddle says:

    One of the flaws in this whole debate is that to be elected means that the candidate has to behave politically and is therefore a politician. He or she will still have to deal with Whitehall (Civil Servants) and the Government – err politicians.

    Dealing with them needs somebody to behave in a way that is political so once again that would mean the mayor and and all his or her appointees (another political decision) would also become politicians dealing with politicians.

    • hmocc says:

      If you are under the impression that politics is something that only the ‘politicians’ do in their ‘political offices’ then please go read a bit more on politics.
      To me, Politics, like it or not, it is something that is present in almost everything we do that implicates other people. As a simple example, if I want to convert my front garden to a drive I’ll have to deal with my neighbours objections as my decision will interfere with the way they like the street to be. They may respond well or not, but that and the way I go about it is politics.

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