Developers looking to build 2,000 new homes on greenfield site in north Leeds

Homes to be built in areas in brown between A58 and A64

A proposal to build 2,000 new homes on fields in the north-eastern outskirts of Leeds is going before councillors next week.

At this stage councillors are just being asked to comment on a presentation about the proposed development, but it’s expected that the consortium behind the proposal – led by York-based house-builder Persimmon – will lodge a more formal outline planning application “in the near future”.

The proposal will be discussed at a meeting next Thursday (31st May) of Leeds City Council’s Plans Panel for the east of the city.

Apart from the houses, the proposed development on the land between Wetherby Road (A58) and York Rd (A64) north of Skeltons Lane could include a new primary school, community facilities, shops, and a possible first phase of a new dual-carriageway designed to take pressure off the Ring Road, the East Leeds Orbital Road (in blue on the map).

Green light for greenfield sites

“rural appearance”

Last year Leeds City Council was forced to change its policy on releasing land for housing after losing a series of costly appeals brought by developers who had been refused planning consent to build on greenfield land.

One of those appeals – brought by Persimmon and Taylor Wimpey – dealt with land at Grimes Dyke, Whinmoor, immediately to the south west of the proposed new development.

No surprise then that in a report drafted for next week’s meeting, the Council’s chief planning officer notes that while the site has a “rural appearance” the principle of residential development there “at this time is considered to be acceptable”.

The developers are already talking to local groups, including parish and city councillors, and concerns have already been raised about the proposed development’s impact on education, health services, drainage and roads.

There’ll be plenty more negotiating ahead, about the housing mix in general and affordable housing in particular, the knock-ons for secondary school provision and public transport, and jobs and training opportunities for local people.

Watch this space.


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7 Responses to Developers looking to build 2,000 new homes on greenfield site in north Leeds

  1. Bywater blog says:

    Its very posh up there, I am sure that they will be objecting. They will win too, because they are articulate and have money.

    • freedomnow66 says:

      Don’t be so sure,as the article said LCC lost to earlier battles over planning consent on green field sites, plus 2000 homes is slot of revenue and jobs in these times of austerity!!!!

  2. Caroline says:

    I kid you not that this Development is Small Fry compared to what is in store for the Whole of East Leeds .. Scarborough Development, GMI and Leeds City Council seem to be calling it Regeneration but the Sheer Scale of the full Proposal is nothing more than Urbanization and extending the Leeds City Boundary by at least half a mile

  3. Amanda Munro says:

    People need to wake up and smell the cofee with regards to what is being proposed for the so called ‘New East Leeds’. Around 10,000 houses, a dual carriageway across precious greenspace and a ‘US inspired’ mega development at Thorpe Park. There is a huge amount of money to be maid by a very small amount of powerful and connected people …….

  4. bob says:

    this is good for the community. we need this boost to the area. letsw hope the area turns from sour to sweet. lol

  5. willyman says:

    this is gonna happen. cool

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