Local media goes eerily quiet over £500,000 arts happening in Leeds city centre

Has it gone eerily quiet after the arts extravaganza last weekend that was going to “entirely change the way people in Leeds look at where they live”? Or am I just reading the wrong stuff?

Prior to the event there was  a fair bit of media build-up to the Arts Council funded series of “cultural interventions” that were going to take place in the city centre courtesy of the “internationally-acclaimed artist film-makers”, the Quay brothers.

But now that it’s all happened, nothing. Nothing that I can see online from the Yorkshire Post or the Evening Post.

Nothing on the Guardian’s Northerner blog.

Nothing on the radio that I’ve heard, nothing on the telly.

Why should that be? Is it just a further example of our media taking up comfy PR opportunities and endlessly trailing events … but then not bothering to actually cover them?

Or is it because they don’t know what to say?

At least there were a couple of reviews of the £500,000 Cultural Olympiad project (£1.2m if you count the in-kind contributions) posted on the city’s leading arts blog. But even there the feedback has been part muted, part satirical.

Anyone care to explain?


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One Response to Local media goes eerily quiet over £500,000 arts happening in Leeds city centre

  1. Carol Lee says:

    What is noticeable about all other bids is that they are mostly individual projects as opposed to a ‘conglomerate’ made up of Council and the usual suspects. The ACE thought that was a strong point and maybe we expected more for that reason. Perhaps we should be grateful, at least our event took place! A couple of the others are looking a bit doubtful….

    So what is the problem? It was just a huge whack of money to blow on the arts on a weekend at a time when the economy is in crisis and individual artists across Yorkshire are being refused funding – because their applications are not good enough or because there isn’t the funds available….

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