All seven Leeds lap dancing clubs win licences, but restrictions imposed

All seven lap dancing clubs in Leeds have been granted licences to continue operating, but with important restrictions on how they promote themselves.

The clubs had to reapply for their licences after they were reclassified as “sexual entertainment venues”. The applications were granted this afternoon (Friday, 14th June) by a panel of Leeds City Council’s Licensing Committee, which has been sitting throughout the week.

The clubs are no longer going to be allowed to use “hummers” to promote themselves and any discarded flyers littering the streets close to where they were handed out will have to be cleared up by 6 A.M.

The clubs’ opening hours will be restricted to 10pm – 4am (weekdays) and 10pm – 5am (weekends) from 1st October.

Campaign to continue

Campaigners, including the city’s eight MPs, a number of councillors and religious leaders, had been calling on Leeds City Council to reduce the number of clubs by half or ban them completely.

One of them, Leeds West MP and Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury Rachel Reeves, said she was disappointed over the decision, but would keep up the campaign and try and broaden its support.

She told her followers on social media site Twitter:

Fellow campaigner Leeds Labour councillor Rebecca Charlwood said some important restrictions had been won but there was “much further to go”.

Thanks to @AndyCharlwood for info on the result.


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4 Responses to All seven Leeds lap dancing clubs win licences, but restrictions imposed

  1. freedomnow66 says:

    From the outset I’d like to say I have never been in a gentleman s club or want to!! I’d like to understand on what grounds these objectors have to want to shut down a legally operating business??? I understand that this type of club is not everyone s cup of tea, bit that’s not a reason to shut it down… if that’s the reason, I find there attitude disturbing, we should all be tolerant to others.. I think tolerance has been shown to the objectors in the nature of the restrictions imposed on these clubs, which is only just and fair..

  2. The Great Smell Of Brute says:

    I’d just like to raise the question of whether it was really necessary for Leeds City Council to use the licensing process to impose the said publicity restrictions, or if this could have been achieved just as easily by negotiating terms directly with the clubs in question.

  3. U Knowhugh says:

    Great news.

    A win for democracy and a slap in the face of bigoted moralism based on religion, lies and ignorance.

  4. daniela snape says:

    It very hard to see so many people want to shut down lap dancing club and mainly woman’s I can guess why probably they are jealous they dont do nothing bad people need to have fun in this recession where we just work and work ……

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