Going to Temple Newsam Torch Relay today? Send us your photos of the food and drink!

If you’re one of the lucky people who’s got a ticket for today’s Olympic Torch Relay celebration hosted by Coca-Cola in Temple Newsam Park in Leeds, please help us out!

We’re looking for information and photos about the food and drink side of the event. In particular:

* who’s running the stalls inside the fenced off arena? local businesses? chains?

* photos of the stalls selling food and drink

* what kind of food is being sold?

* what kind of drink is being sold?

* how cheap/expensive is the food and drink? photos of price lists?

* were people searched for food and drink on their way in?

* any other interesting stuff about the event?

Anything you fancy sending will be gratefully received at theleedscitizen@gmail.com

If you’re tweeting from the event, please copy me in on @leedscitizen.



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4 Responses to Going to Temple Newsam Torch Relay today? Send us your photos of the food and drink!

  1. Mandy says:

    Hi, I attended the event and yes had a bag search before entering, I noticed dustbins full of unopened drinks at the search point. Inside the food sellers were Chinatown, Crepes and a burglar place though I forget the name now. These were the only food stalls I noticed and each one had around 3 stalls dotted around the area, e.g 3 Chinatown stalls etc.

    I noticed 2 large tents, one of them named ‘soft drinks’ not sure about the other. There were also 3-4 icecream vans, I bought 2 tiny icecreams with a flake in at the cost of £4 in total. Needless to say I didn’t bother to go and buy any food. One of the terms outlined for the event was that you mustn’t take in camping stools. I was surprised to see lots of people had been allowed to take their own chairs in. I was their with my small daughter who after a long while was tired of standing around waiting and wanted to go home. The grass was far too wet to sit on so we decided to leave before the torch arrived to catch it along the route in. I was disappointed because I couldnt go home to get some seating and go back in. Once you leave your ticket is invalid.

    Also, it was ridiculous that you needed a note from your doctor to take in medication. If the medication is boxed and in a blister pack with your name clearly on the dispensing label what is the issue. My other half had to sneak his medication in as we didnt have time to get a doctors note, we work in the day and getting an appointment at the best of times is hard enough.

    To be honest there was no way near 30,000 people their. Lots of people were coming and going. I was expecting it to be far busier but the crowd was small. Parking was steep at £5. I noticed the streets on the way down were full of cars, so obviously people were trying to avoid the charge.

    Within the area freebies such as hand held beaters, like a tambourine without the bells, were handed out, and also some sort of stick with tassels. There was a group of men and women marching through the area performing random ‘movement’ or dance if you like. The stage entertainment was quite good and the atmosphere not bad. I have a photo which I will try and email soon.

  2. this from Martyn Broadest: “saw Gourmet burger, chinese, crepe and coffee stand. Coca cola selling soft drinks

    and this from Laura Charlesworth: “Great variety of food reasonable prices for an event”

  3. and this from Ian Wilson: “park in a poor state after torch celebrations. Gonna get worse with events to come. Are the returns worth it?”

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