New proposal to fill city centre hole left by aborted Leeds skyscraper project

Plans have emerged to fill the hole left in Leeds city centre when the Lumiere skyscraper project collapsed due to the recession.

Developers have been in talks with Leeds City Council officials since March about a proposed revised scheme for the site that would include two buildings, one of them possibly a hotel, the other offices.

The plans, which are only sketchy at the moment, are due to be presented to councillors at a meeting of the council’s plans panel for the city centre next Thursday, 5th July.

According to a council report prepared for the meeting, the proposal is for a 9-storey office block (with a further two recessed floors on top) fronting on to Whitehall Road, and a second building on the north of the site fronting on to Wellington Street (as high as the eaves of the adjacent City Central building) which could end up as either a hotel or more offices.

“Either use would be acceptable here, however, as there is no end user currently identified, to work up the elevations of the building would not be the best use of resources. This element of the proposal is therefore being considered in outline,” the report says.

The sckyscraper that never was

An area of open space is proposed between the two buildings to create a new urban square.

No decisions will be taken at the meeting, given that it is a pre-application presentation of an “emerging scheme”. At this stage councillors on the panel are just being asked for their comments on the plans so far.

The report does note, however, that the site “benefits from permission for the Lumiere scheme, which is extant due to the fact that a significant amount of ground works were carried out before construction ceased”.


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2 Responses to New proposal to fill city centre hole left by aborted Leeds skyscraper project

  1. smt says:

    This scheme is being worked up by the administrators of the site with the aim of securing a new planning permission and then hoping that it can be sold on to a developer, allowing HBOS to recoup some of the huge losses they face on the site. The developer can then take the plans forward if they (ever) secure a pre-let.

  2. Andy Baylis says:

    Leeds needs an iconic tower. We have let Manchester take over, yet again. An investment in ONE tower, for the site, surly, tall, poss 50/60 floors, hotel, offices, apartments, restaurants, shops.It will sell, it will brave, go for it.

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