New vision for Clarence Dock seeks to create digital and creative business hub

A new strategy for Clarence Dock in Leeds is aiming to turn the area into a destination for start-up digital and creative businesses and to encourage floating retail and food and drink.

Owners Allied London are to present their “emerging strategy” to councillors at a meeting of Leeds City Council’s Plans Panel for the city centre next Thursday (5th July). It’s a pre-application presentation, so no decisions will be taken at the meeting.

It appears from a report that’s going to the meeting that one of the changes ahead is that Clarence Dock is to revert to its original name of New Dock. After an initial explanation of the history of the name (it was renamed Clarence Dock by developer Crosby Homes in the 2000s), the report refers to the site as “New Dock” throughout.

The report speaks of New Dock as “a destination for start-up digital and creative businesses, a place to live, and a place for leisure for residents, workers and visitors alike”, adding that Allied London has been working with the Royal Armouries to “put together a strategy to revitalise the area as a major tourist and visitor attraction”.

“Floating retail and food and drink”

Noting that Allied London recently acquired the commercial units at the Dock, the report says:

“The proposals seek to reconfigure the existing ground floor uses to create a new office hub for digital and creative industries, provide day-to-day convenience retail, and concentrate restaurant offer fronting the water.

“The proposals explore how a more positive use of the water space for floating retail, food, drink and office premises, and the potential of Leeds Dam Island for a food and drink use, could be achieved.

“The proposals aim to make Armouries Square, originally designed as a hardsurfaced
events space for the Royal Armouries, more attractive for residents, workers and visitors to use during the day and in the evening”, it adds.

Allied London “are at an early stage” in developing their proposals for future major investment to reinvigorate the Dock area, the report notes.


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