“Pay-and-display” machines being installed at Woodhouse Lane car park in October


Woodhouse Lane car park in central Leeds is going “pay-and-display” in preparation for next year’s opening of the Leeds Arena.

A report from Leeds City Council says that ticket machines are being installed in October this year, but doesn’t say when the entry and exit barriers are going to be removed.

Removing the barriers at the ageing car park – which is currently getting a £5.8m face-lift ahead of the opening – will mean less congestion inside as Arena-goers all try to leave at the same time, the report says. And no queues to pay at a machine before they get into their cars.


The decision to make the change was taken in October 2010 as part of the general plan for the Arena and “has been subject to consultation as part of this process”, says a report from the council.

It adds, however, that a “draft Parking Places Order” now has to be advertised and will come into force “if no valid objections are received”.

The change to “pay-and-display” will mean that free parking can now be introduced at the car park for disabled badge holders, who currently have to pay the standard rate because there is no way of getting the exit barrier to lift without making a payment.

With a current capacity of 1,287 spaces, Woodhouse Lane has been identified as one of the main car parks for the 13,500 capacity Arena.


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One Response to “Pay-and-display” machines being installed at Woodhouse Lane car park in October

  1. paddle daddle says:

    Oh those poor Council workers that pay £8.00 per day to use it. And for the record – why does Leeds charge so much for parking when compared to other places?

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