Controversial plans for new homes in Morley move forward in face of protest campaign

A controversial proposal to build over 90 homes on fields in Morley, south of Leeds, moves a step forward next week when revised plans go to councillors for their comments.

Plans by Persimmon Homes to build 92 homes at Daisy Hill – a mix of terraced, semis and detached houses – have faced opposition for the last nine months from a protest campaign backed by local Morley Borough Independents councillors and  Morley Town Council.

Councillors who sit on Leeds City Council’s plans panel for the east of the city will be discussing a “position statement” on the plans at a meeting on Thursday 12th July. No decisions will be taken.

Umbrella campaign group

Residents vote “no” to long-term development plans

Last month local residents launched an umbrella protest group to fight long-term proposals by Leeds Council to build over 7,200 housing units in the greater Morley area. And to fight specific plans to build on greenfield sites, including at Daisy Hill and Bruntcliffe Road.

According to a council report prepared for next week’s meeting, latest revisions to the Daisy Hill plans – including a small increase in the number of homes, “improved” landscaping, and altered road layout – mean that Persimmon’s planning application is to be re-advertised.

“The applicant (Persimmon) is currently consulting with Ward Members (councillors) on the revised scheme to achieve a two way dialogue and to engage with Members and the local community in addressing the concerns raised,” the report says. “The applicant also intends to carry out a further community consultation on the revised scheme,” it adds.

Among those concerns are that local roads, trains, schools and health centres would be unable to cope with the influx. And existing drainage and flooding problems would be exacerbated.

For details of the plans and the objections, click here.

63,800 plots in land bank

And then there’s the question of the loss of green fields – an issue that’s exercising residents across east Leeds too as developers move to take advantage of last year’s forced change in  council policy on releasing greenfield land for housing.

The change came after the council lost a series of costly appeals brought by developers who had been refused planning consent to build on greenfield land.

York-based Persimmon Homes – who are building at Grimes Dyke in north-east Leeds and have plans for 2,000 homes on another adjacent site – has been bucking the national trend and raised turnover 13% in the first half of this year. It currently has 63,800 plots with planning permission in its land bank.


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4 Responses to Controversial plans for new homes in Morley move forward in face of protest campaign

  1. Bywater blog says:

    I, and many others do disagree about houses being built at Daisy Hill; but were the people at the Town Hall meeting protesting about 7,200 new houses, and not 90?

  2. As I understand it, the vote pictured was against the long-term (7,200) development plans, but the umbrella group is also fighting individual developments. Have I expressed it badly?

  3. Bywater blog says:

    No, I was just pointing out that there was such a large group of people against the 7,200 houses; but did they know that most of them are not in the Morley area?

  4. Graeme Tiffany says:

    Where can I access the maps of these proposals?

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