Details released of street sculpture for new Leeds retail development

Sketches of the sculptures from the artist’s web site

Some details have been released of two sculptures that are to be erected at the new Trinity shopping development in Leeds city centre – one of them outside the mall on Lower Briggate.

The works are by Scottish artist Andy Scott, a sculptor who specialises in figurative public art.

The Briggate piece will be a figurative sculpture of a woman “referencing the Leeds textile industries over the years”, Scott told regional TV programme Calendar. It will be created using a “contemporary fabrication technique”.

The second piece will be of a Cleveland Bay pack horse and will be elevated 15m above the shopping and leisure development’s central atrium.

Planning application?

Calendar said a planning application for the Briggate sculpture was  submitted to Leeds City Council yesterday, but I can’t find it on the council’s planning website.

In April this year councillors sitting on the council’s plans panel for the city centre got a preview of Trinity developer Land Securities’ public art proposals. But members of the public were excluded.

“The meeting moved into private session to discuss the principle and proposed provision of public art on Briggate and within the development,” a council report said at the time.

“Members were shown detailed drawings of proposed installations and asked to comment,” it added.  “It was felt that the principle was acceptable and the chosen works do not need to be brought to Panel for determination.”

That phrase – “the chosen works do not need to be brought to Panel for determination” – makes it sound as though a planning application (including the opportunity for the public to comment) isn’t needed after all.

All will no doubt be revealed (see comment from smt below)


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7 Responses to Details released of street sculpture for new Leeds retail development

  1. Carol Lee says:

    Do we not have any Yorkshire sculptors?

  2. Figuratively speaking, it doesn’t look like it

  3. freedomnow66 says:

    Good point Carol,am sure if asked the people who engaged Andy Scott. They would give u some answer suggesting ure not, bright enough to fully understand there answer !!!! Nothing against Mr Scott,but a Leeds based or at least Yorkshire based artist would be much more appropriate..

  4. smt says:

    If the applications for the the sculptures have only just been submitted they can take a few days before they appear on the Public Acess planning online portal.
    If the sculptures don’t have to go back to the plans panel for determination, they will still require a planning application.The decision will be delegated to a planning officer.

  5. thank you, smt. I didn’t know that stuff. so will we be able to see and comment on the sculptures before the planning officer decides on the application (if that’s what’s going to happen)?

  6. smt says:

    You should be able to comment on it!

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