Latest stage of consultation on future of historic Leeds market kicking off next week

The latest stage of the consultations around the future of Leeds’ historic Kirkgate Market kicks off on Monday with a media briefing from senior council officers.

And from Tuesday the council will be looking for feedback on the options it’s come up with about what the market might look like in the future and how it could be run.

“This next stage is an important stage in understanding what people across the city, traders and stakeholders feel are the elements that we should prioritise and move forward with,” says an invite to Monday’s briefing from the council’s communications team.

“We will also be presenting the management options that we are looking into and asking for  comment,” it adds.

The invite says the council’s consultants, the NPS group (Norfolk Property Services), have gathered together all the information from the consultation that took place earlier this year on the market’s future and have fed it into the next stage of the project, the feasibility study.

“We have identified a number of elements which we will be asking for feedback on from Tuesday 14th December,” it said.

No further detail was given of what those “elements” might be or what “management options” are being considered.

“The information we receive will form the basis for a report we will take to the council’s executive board in early 2013,” the invite added.

A notice on the council’s markets website says the “feasibility information” will be available to the public from Tuesday at the market itself and at libraries and “one stop shops” (click on panel above for details of where in the market)

“Traders and markets staff will be given advance briefings on Monday 15 October,” the notice says.


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7 Responses to Latest stage of consultation on future of historic Leeds market kicking off next week

  1. Peace says:

    Hmm what would you do at a time when there is more potential employees than jobs, a lack of local entrepreneurs (according to Adam Smith it should be 1 in 20 [but he also believed in infant mortality balancing labour supply]) and the realisation the future of retail is clicks and bricks and not clicks?

    • oludenizdollz says:

      I would be interested to know how much these consultants have cost us !!!
      Another token consultation when behind the scenes Officers and Developers have ‘done the deal’ ??????????

  2. freedomnow66 says:

    O oludenizdollz u r so cynical!!! Lol
    Surely u can’t think LCC, Have been scheming behind our backs!!!??? What they havnt already sold the land already???? They must be off there game!?!? Arnt we just the little people???

    • oludenizdollz says:

      I shall just say Thorpe Park/Chamber of Commerce/Scarborough Development Group. Recent Outline Planning Application/Done deals……..I rest my case!!

      • freedomnow66 says:

        Good points, they just keep piling up…why don’t they just cut us all outta the loop?? At least it wud save money by not having to pretend to consult the people of Leeds!!!??

  3. NPS Group were going to be presenting 5 options but are now going to be showing “12 elements”.
    I like the way this is going. Let’s hope each element is given a name; “Oxygen”, “Carbon” etc and that one of the “elements” is actually a compound. I’d like that..

  4. Paddle Daddle says:

    There you go again picking on the Council. Surely you must have other targets to have a go at? Why not focus some attention on Leeds Metropolitan University who seem to be a massive revolving building site that seems to want to annex large parts of Leeds

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