Details of what it’s costing Leeds to host Tour de France to be released in January

leedstourDetails of what it’s costing Leeds City Council to co-host the opening stages of the Tour de France in July 2014 are going to be released once the route is finalised next month.

Council chief executive Tom Riordan told his Twitter followers on Sunday that “we can release full non-commercial costs when route fixed”.

The route through Yorkshire is going to be announced on 17th January at joint press conferences in Leeds and Paris.

Costs are going to be divvied up among the participating local authorities depending on the “impact and opportunity” the event represents for each, with Leeds acting as administrator and guarantor for all of them, according to a council report in October.

Bid, event and “legacy”

tourcostsjanuaryriordanThe costs fall into three broad categories: the cost of the winning bid, of making the event happen and creating “legacy” stuff around it.

It remains to be seen whether the cost of the winning bid will be released or kept under wraps because of “commercial confidentiality”. One report, from a usually reliable source, has put it at €14.5 million (£11.8m). Others have put it a lot lower.

The costs of making the event happen include preparing the route (re-surfacing etc), “event management” and hiring venues.

Then there’s the “legacy element”, which (the last we heard) is being coordinated on behalf of the winning bid by York City Council.

All we know so far of the Leeds legacy plan is that: “the Council will use the event as a means of promoting cycling as a sustainable mode of transport, as a means of promoting healthy lifestyles and to support our ambition to become a child friendly city”.

Details of the Leeds plan have presumably been drafted and costed already, so could well figure in the January release of information.

Leeds is also down to host a “festival of cycling and the arts” to coincide with the event, but it’s not clear yet who’s funding or organising it.

Reports in the press have been speaking of a possible £300m economic benefit to the region from the tour.

It’s still not too late to enter our competition to second-guess the organisers and plan the best route through Yorkshire.


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