Headingley cricket ground to host 15,000-capacity music gigs this year?

450x270__M6P7097Headingley’s Carnegie stadium could play host to a number of big weekend concerts over the next two years if councillors give their approval at a meeting next week.

An application from Yorkshire County Cricket Club to stage up to three concerts of “Radio 2” type acts this year and next (six in all) is going to be discussed at a meeting of one of Leeds City Council’s planning panels on Thursday 10th January.

And council planning officers are recommending that the club’s plans be approved – subject to a number of conditions that would limit disturbance to local residents.

Among those conditions are: that the gigs are only held on a Friday, Saturday or a Bank Holiday Sunday; that each show starts at seven in the evening and finishes at ten (with the stadium cleared by 10.30); that noise levels for the stadium’s nearest neighbours are kept to 75 decibels; and that a plan is produced well in advance of each event covering arrangements for stuff like transport, parking and crowd management.

The club originally wanted a capacity of 25,000 for each gig, but brought it down to 14,999 after talks with the council.

Major international artist

olly murs concertAccording to a council report, the club envisages that the three concerts each year would “most likely” be held on consecutive days, probably over a weekend in the summer.

If it gets the go-ahead, the club has got “a major international artist” lined up for June, the report adds. (which sort of puts paid to the idea of a three-day mini-fest as there’s no Bank Holiday in June)

What kind of acts have they got in mind? Well, think Rod Stewart, Damien Rice or Olly Murs, according to this report. They’ve also been in discussions apparently with the Yorkshire Symphony Orchestra over a possible open air picnic-style concert.

The club, of course, is looking to increase its revenue, as its only real earner – international cricket – is not secure beyond 2019.

Despite objections from two councilors and nine members of the public, the council officers’ report is pretty positive about the benefits – and low-key on the drawbacks.

“On balance, the City Council considers the development would not give rise to any unacceptable consequences for the environment, community or other public interests of acknowledged importance,” the report says.

“The use of the ground for 3 music concerts a year over a 2 year period is also likely to have benefits to the city and the wider region both in economic terms and in raising the profile of the city and also Headingley Carnegie Stadium,” it adds.


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One Response to Headingley cricket ground to host 15,000-capacity music gigs this year?

  1. freedomnow66 says:

    Seems to be pretty unobtrusive, even if they had thrash metal… 3 a year, not really ott!!! Sometimes we just have to accept the consequence of living in a city.. if it’s going to bother u so much, go and visit relatives or something !!!

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