Springsteen Arena tickets on sale for £750 – but none for Jumbo or Crash

springsteenarena(Please note: this story has been updated here and here)

Excuse me for a being an innocent when it comes to how showbiz works, but someone explain to me what’s going on with the ticket sales for the first gig at Leeds Arena – by Bruce Springsteen in July.

You can’t buy them on the official Leeds Arena site till Friday, but there are already over 100 on offer on the ticket exchange website Seatwave – the cheapest at £99, the most expensive (floor seats) at £749.99.

Who’s offering those tickets for sale? They can’t just be trusting to luck. Half the population of the north of England is going to be crashing the Arena website on Friday morning in a frantic attempt to see the Boss.

They must have got them already.  But where from?

Economic benefits? Not for Crash and Jumbo

seatavesprinsteenTwo places we know the tickets can’t have come from are Jumbo Records and Crash Records, two independent Leeds shops that have been selling us our vinyl, tapes, CDs and gig tickets for ever.

Forever? Jumbo has been doing it since 1971, when Springsteen was a wannabe in Dr Zoom & the Sonic Boom, Crash since 1985, the year Springsteen last appeared in Leeds.

But supporting the Leeds music scene appears to count for nothing.

Because neither shop is being allocated tickets to sell for Arena gigs by SMG, the international corporation that runs our new £60m tax-payer funded venue.

There’s a campaign under way to change that bizarre state of events and get Jumbo and Crash selling Arena tickets. Join it here.

In the meantime, when we’ re endlessly told that the Arena is going to bring £25 million a year in economic benefits to the city of Leeds, it’s obviously not the local music scene they’ve got in mind.

That’s showbiz, folks!


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2 Responses to Springsteen Arena tickets on sale for £750 – but none for Jumbo or Crash

  1. Sue Cook says:

    O2 Priority sold tickets this morning but all their allocation, standing and seated, had been sold by 9.45 am. There was a limit of six tickets per purchaser and it now looks as if it is these that are being sold on Seatwave which is a site for selling and buying tickets. All in all a very unsatisfactory situation for the opening event especially as it is likely that many of the people now selling tickets will not be residents of Leeds.

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