(Updated) Roll up, roll up! Get your Springsteen Arena tickets two days before box office opens!

springsteenarenaWant to beat the Friday morning rush when half the north of England will be crashing the Leeds Arena website in the hunt for Bruce Springsteen tickets?

Look no further.

As long as you don’t mind coughing up a fair bit more than the £65 per ticket for the 24th July show announced by Arena owners Leeds City Council yesterday.

Nearly two days before they officially go on sale, I found at least 360 tickets out there on the internet this lunchtime … but they’ll cost you between £99 and a mouthwatering £749.99.

Who’s got them? And how did they get hold of them?

Viagogo has over 200 tickets on offer – from £100 to £340.91; doble8tickets.com has 32 left and it’s already sold out the ones it had on offer for £95, £115 and £245; Stubhub has only two – at £175 each.

And there are half a dozen on eBay: 2 front centre seats for £449 anyone?

bssandbossI’m told that O2 Priority (where O2 customers can get tickets up to 48 hours before they go on general release) was selling tickets – six max per purchaser – for the gig this morning, but that all their allocation, standing and seated, had been sold by 9.45 am.

Last but by no means least, Seatwave – the middleman site where people go to get rid of tickets they don’t want – has 130, from £99 to £749.99.

Read that again. That’s 130 tickets that people have got hold of in the last 12-15 hours from somewhere and are now selling on. At crazy prices. Sounds like a business opportunity.

Sorry, but it makes me laugh.

Tickets for the world’s best-loved, anti-corporation, blue-collar rock star are changing hands for £750 two days before they officially go on sale?

For a gig at a venue that’s been built using £60m of taxpayers’ money?

Am I the only one feeling the irony?

(It gets worse! For an update on the situation this morning, Thursday, click here)


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3 Responses to (Updated) Roll up, roll up! Get your Springsteen Arena tickets two days before box office opens!

  1. Thanks for writing up what was happening, I don’t use FaceBook any more and was feeling a bit cold outside of the walled garden. Glad to see that Jumbo and Crash aren’t being shut out in future but shame they were included as an afterthought not from day one.

  2. Steve Williamson says:

    Excellent if depressing article. Can’t LCC as venue owners specify no sales of ticket in advance and take action over profiteering? The Arena is a good news story but this sort of stuff just puts the ball in the wrong net.

  3. neil says:

    I think it’s disgraceful that presales exist at all, there should be a level playing field for all customers. Why should you get priority just because you have a particular mobile phone or sign up to a particular seller? It stinks. Especially when it is an artist in huge demand. It seems like many of the tickets have already gone before they are put on sale to ordinary punters like me. There were 2 pre sales for this Springsteen concert – O2 and Live Nation – I’d love to know what proprtion of tickets are actually available for sale on the ‘general public’ day.

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