Disappointed you didn’t get a Leeds Arena ticket for the Boss? There’s 1,100 here (avge £313)

An eBay ad

An eBay ad

A final update on the continuing Springsteen Arena ticket saga.

The box office opened at 9.00 this morning … and by 9.08 internet punters were saying they’d all gone. Some people got some, some didn’t. Par for the course for a gig like this.

By all accounts the fans who braved the cold queuing round the Town Hall got theirs too.

Everybody happy?

Some more happy than others.

The happiest (I’m guessing) will be the people who are now selling the 1,110 tickets that were available on just five internet ticket sites when I sat down to write this at tea-time on Friday. Ten hours after the box office opened (and closed).

Because if they all get what they’re looking for for the ticket/s they’re selling, they’ll have made between them nearly £275,000 – an average £248 PROFIT on each £65 ticket.

That’s showbiz, folks!

Here’s who’s selling what – and how much cash they’re going to make.

boxoffice day

I don’t know how many tickets went on sale for the gig in all, but 1,110 (plus the others that will be posted on different sites that I couldn’t be bothered to look for) can’t be far off 10% of the total.

Angry fans? There were several texting in to BBC Radio Leeds during the day, others complaining in chat rooms and forums. And a common focus of their complaints was the “secondary” ticket market, exemplified by the sites listed above.

So, is this how it’s going to be forever with the Arena?

As one person rebuked me in the comments section of yesterday’s instalment of the tale: “You need to get a grip, this happens with all major venues and gigs”.



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One Response to Disappointed you didn’t get a Leeds Arena ticket for the Boss? There’s 1,100 here (avge £313)

  1. Tom Riordan assured me today that ‘a commercial rent is being paid which will reduce the cost of the Arena to taxpayers hugely over time’. No specifics on either a)what the cost is to the ratepayer to service the loans or b) how much of this will be covered by the commercial rent. However it is good to know that it will cost us less ‘over time’….

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