Leeds Met looking for a new name again – staff and students being consulted

omg gunna submit so many for bants

“omg gunna submit so many for bants”

(there’s an updated version of this story – May 2013 here)

Looks like Leeds Met university is going to change its name after all. Five years after the idea was last raised (and then dropped) staff and students are being asked to suggest possible alternatives.

Back in 2008 the intention of the governing board was to rename the seat of higher learning Leeds Carnegie University.

But I reckon we can rule that out now. There was stiff opposition back then from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and there’s no reason to think they wouldn’t be on the case again.

So why is the uni – our beloved old Poly – so chronically unhappy with what it’s called? Does the governing board feel there’s an academic stigma attached to being a “Metropolitan” university?

Is there some fear that prospective students (especially the overseas ones that bring in the top cash) think that all metropolitan universities are like … erm … London Met?

Beloved old Poly

Beloved old Poly

Who knows. The board must have been talking about it recently, but they’re keeping the whys, wherefores and discussion so far strictly under wraps. Apart from the bits that have leaked out on to social media, that is.

Outgrown Met in “scale and reputation”?

Maybe they just feel the same as they did five years ago, when they were saying “we may have outgrown, in scale and reputation, our ‘Metropolitan’ name” (whatever that means).

Whatever comes from the current consultation, they’ll have to get approval from the Privy Council before going ahead. And then rebrand everything. Which won’t be cheap or quick, one imagines. So the earliest the name could probably be changed is 2014.

No doubt there’ll be some cracking suggestions from the 27,000 students and 2,800 staff.

In the meantime here are a few courtesy of the good folk (and wags) at skyscrapercity.com:

Innovation, enterprise, global reach, local impact

Innovation, enterprise, global reach, local impact

Leeds Clarendon
Leeds Priestley
Leeds Woodhouse
Leeds Bronte (sic)
Leeds Inner Ring Road
Leeds Simon Lee
Leeds Alexander Skarsgard
Leeds Sinfield
Leeds Big City Feel
Leeds’ Other University
Leeds’ Second University
Leeds Polytechnic University
TUFKALMU – The University Formerly Known As Leeds Met
Yorkshire University
University of Yorkshire at Leeds
West Riding University at Leeds
University College Leeds
King Charles College Leeds
The Leeds School
The Leeds Institute
Leeds Eldon University
Leeds Pack Horse University
Leeds Skyrack University
Leeds Headingley University
Leeds City University

Anyone got any more?


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10 Responses to Leeds Met looking for a new name again – staff and students being consulted

  1. Simon Cooke says:

    New Marketing boss!!! First thing they do – always – rebrand!
    How about “The Leeds University you went to because you couldn;t get into the proper Leeds University”?

  2. Rich Tee says:

    Marc Almond University.

    When I was a student there everybody seemed to know which bedsit was the one Marc Almond lived in and which inspired the Soft Cell song Bedsitter.

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  4. Lola Wilson says:

    I went to University College Chester (as was) and there was so much stigma attached to that. I really don’t see how they can find another name that Leeds Uni won’t object to…

  5. keith loudon says:

    Leeds Met has been redeemed and is moving forward This will continue under the present leadership A change of name is an expensive exercise with no certain out come Has this plan been costed and if so what is the cost ??
    Is this really the top fiancial priorty In to days situation?
    I do hope the university is saved from mad marketing
    There are better things to do with the available funds K

  6. Carlton Calrone says:

    Dragon Temple!!! I have the logo all sorted out

  7. Truth & Justice says:

    Take the savings and merge!
    University of Leeds

  8. Monty Zumer says:

    Here are a few suggestion: Leeds New University; Leeds Old Ploytechnic University; Leeds Harvey Nicholls University; Leeds United University; University of North Eastern Counties in Leeds; Leeds Tykes University; Leeds Ringroad University; Leeds Near Yorkshire Dales University; Leeds Far From Yorkshire Moors University; Leeds Canine University (Jack Russell Category Institute); Leeds County Borough University; Leeds Regional Network University; Billy Bremner University etc.

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