Options for Leeds Met £250k name change whittled down to three

7548901644_67533bdd43_zLeeds Metropolitan University’s search for a new name is closer to being over. The university’s governing board announced today that it has whittled the list of potential new names down to three.

Back in March, staff and students were asked to put forward possible alternatives to “Leeds Metropolitan”.

Now the following are being put out to formal consultation:

* Leeds Beckett University
* Leeds Headingley University
* Leeds Ridings University

The current plan is that staff and students have their say, a decision gets made, and then a recommendation is put to the Privy Council for formal approval later this year.

Projected “additional direct costs” of renaming the university were put at around £250,000 in a report that went to a governors’ meeting last week, though it wasn’t clear what those costs covered.

Why the change?

Beloved old Poly

Beloved old Poly

Well, the university believes it’s a very different institution these days from the one that morphed from Leeds Poly into Leeds Met in 1992.

“We have outgrown our ‘Metropolitan’ name and all that it stands for in the sector and the national and international markets in which we operate. It is for these reasons that the Board has agreed that the time is right to re-name our University,” says an announcement.

The hope is that a new name “in communicating our substantially improved position in relation to key quality and financial indicators, would have a positive impact on student recruitment, in particular in international markets, and allow the additional costs or a renaming exercise to be offset in a short period of time,” said the report considered at last week’s meeting.

It’s not clear whether the Students’ Union has taken a formal stand on the name change idea yet, but initial reaction from students on Twitter this afternoon has been less than enthusiastic about the three options on offer.

By teatime today (Tuesday 28th) an online petition to “stop the name change” had already attracted over 100 signatures in the few hours since the announcement was made.




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5 Responses to Options for Leeds Met £250k name change whittled down to three

  1. aran clayton says:

    To all those that go to Leeds met or are graduates, Leeds Met have declared they are changing there name to Leeds (Becket, Ridings or Hedingley) University.


    sign the petition and also post it and get your friends to sign it. I personally dont want an unrecognized university on my CV

  2. DocM says:

    If your CV is anything like your post above, I would be more worried about basic errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar counting against you…

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  4. James Blythman says:

    You obviously haven’t read the Phil Kirby style guide concerning the correct use of an ellipse …

    “Ellipses, indicating omitted words or pauses for … comedy timing, are space stop stop stop space … Just like that. Not like this…Like that … Got it? … Good.”


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