ASDA set to be victor in Beeston store wars?

asda-development-proposalIt’s been a long, hard-fought struggle, but it looks like the store wars in Beeston in south Leeds between supermarket giants Asda and Tesco could finally come to an end next week.

If councillors on the local planning panel follow the recommendation of planning officers, the victor will be Asda, whose plans for a new, bigger store on its current Old Lane site are being given the thumbs-up in a report drafted for a panel meeting on 20th June.

The loser will be Tesco, whose plans for a new supermarket on a neighbouring site are being recommended for refusal.

Why not allow them both?

Council officers believe that if both stores were given the go-ahead, there would be an unacceptable negative impact on the Coop store that anchors the local shopping centre in Beeston.

Top-up shopping

Tesco store - illustration

Tesco store – illustration

So, why Asda?

Well, planning officers say that if Tesco were given the go-ahead, the area would end up with nearly 500m² more retail space than if Asda simply replaced it’s existing store with a bigger one.

“The Tesco store would also introduce a new element of top-up shopping that does not exist at the moment and therefore the impact of this store is likely to be greater on the Co-op store than the Asda store, which already has a top-up shopping customer base in the area,” the report says.

“This is important due to the fact that the Co-op store predominantly provides a top-up shopping facility rather than acting as a main food destination,” it adds.

“It is considered therefore that the Asda proposal would have a less significant adverse impact on Beeston centre than the Tesco proposal and consequently the Tesco scheme is recommended for refusal, whilst the Asda is recommended for approval,” it concludes.

The report advises councillors that whilst each of the two schemes should be taken on its merits, “it is important that the cumulative impact is assessed and the reports to Panel should not be viewed in isolation”.

There’s no guarantee, of course, that councillors will accept the planning officers’ recommendations. Last time the two applications came to the panel, councillors rejected the officers’ recommendation that both be given the thumbs-down and asked for more information on the cumulative impact of both going ahead.

You can find all the latest reports on the applications here and earlier reports on the Beeston store wars saga here (Nov 2012) and here (Sep 2011) .


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5 Responses to ASDA set to be victor in Beeston store wars?

  1. Aaron says:

    Pity, the local Co-op could do with a good kick up its arse, its rubbish. Even more of a pity that they’ll just be quite happy to leave to a vast amount of derelict land by refusing Tesco.

    I say allow both, and let a three way battle commence XD

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  3. John says:

    Let them build both, this could end up like the Middleton store wars all over again. ASDA have consistently broken their promises, we would’ve had a new Tescos for 2 years by now. ASDA haven’t even started demolition on their site yet.

  4. Outsider says:

    I suspect the real reasons for ASDA being given permission in Beeston and Middleton is because Leeds City Council is desperate to keep Walmart UK (ASDA) head office in Leeds and also because they will relocate their expanded head office to the former Tetley Brewery site. I do believe Tesco would have been the best option in both Beeston and Middleton.

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