We, your moral guardians, will not rest …



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8 Responses to We, your moral guardians, will not rest …

  1. Jake Davies says:

    The weekend is upon us!

    Jake Davies



  2. Mike Chitty says:

    Lap dancing clubs -Boo!
    Super casino – Yay!
    Fast food outlets – Boo!

  3. Techno says:

    I see Rachel Reeeves’ little face peering out from the Civic Hall there, an MP so connected to the people she (supposedly) serves that she uses an unpaid intern from Harvard University to answer her constituents’ letters:

  4. John Sour says:

    Interesting comments re Rachel Reeves but Casino – no thanks – doesn’t Chitty realise gambling can be addictive – the poor gamble more than the rich etc etc

  5. Libertarian feminist says:

    What they are doing is fraud.

    Why is an MP dictating council policy?

    Why is the chair of the licensing committee the very person who spearheaded the campaign to have all the clubs shut down?

    How is this allowed to happen in a democracy? They are behaving like the very worst dictatorial, corrupt officials from a banana republic.

    Their brand of ‘feminism’ is telling silly women who are not as clever as them exactly what they are and are not allowed to do.

    I pity my city.

  6. “How is this allowed to happen in a democracy?”

    Scarily, I don’t think they see a problem with any of it: not with the conflict of interest issue, not with the process they used to come up with the new policy, not with the make-up of the Citizens’ Panel they used to endorse it or the questions the panel were asked, not with them looking like provincial politicians in thrall to a national party big-wig with a bee in her moral guardian’s bonnet.

    I think they genuinely believe it’s been a great example of democracy in action. I’m not sure who I feel saddest for, us or them.

    • Libertarian feminist says:

      Perhaps a Cash Converters could occupy one of the vacant clubs so the people made destitute by councillor Charlwood’s vanity campaign can sell their things to get a little money. No campaign to get those parasitic shops closed.

      Here’s hoping she doesn’t turn veggie or the Meat Market is doomed.

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