£50 adidas voucher for reporters to attend Leeds store opening … and write what?

Trinity Leeds shopping centre

Trinity Leeds shopping centre

I don’t know why, but I don’t get asked very often to shop openings.

So I was surprised to get not just one but two invitations yesterday to attend an event to launch a brand new adidas store at the Trinity shopping centre in Leeds on Friday.

It’s going to be the largest adidas store outside of London with “the latest adidas concepts” and “cutting edge sports kit”, and there’ll be an opportunity to take photos of Leeds Rhinos stars Danny Maguire and (Sir) Kevin Sinfield and Leeds United’s Stephen Warnock and Lee Peltier.

“We would love you to come along to see the new store as it opens,” the first invite said.

Now I know it’s an obvious case of mistaken identity. And they wouldn’t love me to come along at all. Someone from the adidas account team at event organisers Hill & Knowlton Strategies (“we strengthen brands, reputations and bottom lines“) googled Leeds blogs and came up with a list and …

(I think it comes under what they call “creating conversations and connecting with the public through a variety of technologies”)

Good luck to them.

£43 hoodie

£43 hoodie

But then half an hour later a second invite landed in my inbox – from a different person on the same PR (sorry, brand strengthening) team.

“We would also love to give you a voucher worth £50 to spend in-store on the day! All you need to do is reply confirming that you would like to attend, go to the new adidas store at 1.30pm this Friday and redeem your voucher.

“Alternatively, if you cannot make it, we would be happy to transfer this to any of your reporters who are able to come down for the launch”.

Reporters? Moi?

Forgive my innocence, but is this how this stuff works? Businesses offer reporters a £50 inducement to turn up to their event?

And the reporters redeem their vouchers and head back to the office with a “Men’s Essentials 3-stripes Full Zip Hoodie” under their arm?

And write what? 

I’m going to hang around the voucher-redemption desk and see who gets in on the action.


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5 Responses to £50 adidas voucher for reporters to attend Leeds store opening … and write what?

  1. Simon Cooke says:

    You should write about what thin pickings Leeds has when it comes to sporting superstars…other than the Brownlie brothers of course (and they went to Bradford Grammar School).

  2. Jon Beech says:

    Why not ask for the cash equivalent, or a donation to a worthy cause, like Leeds Samaritans?

    Better still, ask for the next person accused of shoplifting an amount less than 50 quid to be let off, in the spirit of pay it forwards.

    Seriously. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth making it fun

  3. Mike Chitty says:

    There will be no shortage of takers. We have plenty of ‘citizen journalists’ trying to earn a living by supporting this kind of ‘retail’. ‘Whose side are you on?’ and ‘You’ve got to serve somebody’ spring to mind…

  4. Alex Sobel says:

    Simon Cooke has clearly never heard of Nicola Adams, Lizzie Armistead, Micah Richards, Aaron Lennon, James Milner or going back in time Mike Tindall, Jason Robinson, Paul Hunter, Matthew Hoggard, Ellery Hanley, Ray Illingworth, Hedley Verity, Len Hutton, Beryl Burton, any of Leeds plethora of Sports People.

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