Yorkshire Post sees online readership fall as new editor arrives

The new-look YP homepage today

The new-look YP homepage today

Continuing bad news for the Yorkshire Post’s online edition. Figures out today show that while sister paper the Yorkshire Evening Post is steadily attracting more online readers (up to 42,665 a day from 36,997 a year ago) the YP has seen its online readership actually fall – for the second accounting period in a row.

Not by a huge amount (6.2%), but it’s one of only three regional daily papers UK-wide appearing in the Audit Bureau of Circulation’s list today that saw their tally of daily “unique browsers” go down over the last year.

That must be pretty alarming for parent company Johnston Press (JP), which is looking to increase revenue by consolidating its position as the UK regional publisher with the biggest online readership.

There may be mitigating circumstances. The Yorkshire Post was one of the last of the JP stable of 203 regional papers to get its website revamped, so there may still be hope that the new look and functionality (which hit our screens a couple of months ago) will work its magic and bring more readers in over the coming months.

Online take-up – or the lack of it – doesn’t appear to be the only problem the paper is facing.

The paper’s editor and his deputy both stood down at the end of July. And then a couple of weeks ago it emerged that several other senior staff at the paper had applied for voluntary redundancy.

Plenty for new editor Jeremy Clifford to get his teeth into when he takes up the post of editor of both the Yorkshire Post and Evening Post on Monday.

What’s got me baffled is: where have the 3,500 Yorkshire Post readers who stopped buying the print paper every day over the past year gone? If they’ve gone online, it doesn’t look like they’ve gone to the paper’s website.

To see how Yorkshire’s daily newspapers fared with print sales in the first half of this year, click here.

Here are the key online stats for our Leeds and Bradford daily papers for the first half of this year:



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3 Responses to Yorkshire Post sees online readership fall as new editor arrives

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  2. David Hickes says:

    When I was a 15 yr old copy-boy on the YEP in 1958 the circulation was 325,000 for the EP and 127,000 for the YP.

    • That’s three out of every five households. Almost unimaginable. Mind you, seems almost unimaginable that it wasn’t that long ago that there wasn’t any other way you could find a job, rent a flat, buy a car, find out about LUFC, what’s on at the pics, local news etc etc etc apart from buying your YEP.

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