Major projects to snaffle bulk of cash for Tour de France Yorkshire festival

leedstourDetails have been released of the cash awards and commissions up for grabs as part of the 100-day arts festival to mark the Tour de France coming to Yorkshire next year.

Available only to people or organisations based in Yorkshire, there are going to be around 28 awards for festival projects – ranging from £5,000 to a maximum £300,000.

From information posted on the festival website, the bulk of the cash – anything between £1m and £2m – looks set to be shared between 8 major, “high-impact” commissions. Some £100,000 to £200,000 will be shared between 20 “community commissions”.

There’s also marketing and PR help on offer from the festival organisers for other arts events.

Where’s the money coming from?

The festival was awarded £1m by the Arts Council in June. Festival co-organisers Welcome to Yorkshire said then that they were hoping to secure the same amount from the private sector. And funds have also been secured from local councils.

Here are the main categories (it’s a sort of hierarchy) of awards:

Major commissions

_65327260_townhallThere’ll be “around” four major commissions (awards of between £150k and £300k) of projects that come up with “high-impact, memorable, once in a lifetime experiences”. They’ll have to “reach many people”, be mostly free, and have “the potential for broadcast experiences”.

To have a chance of winning one of these awards you’ll have to have a track record of delivering “large scale, high quality projects with a national and international significance”.

“Your local authority and the landowner (where it applies) must be supportive of your project,” says a document outlining the festival’s “creative vision and opportunities”.

It’s not clear whether that council support relates to infrastructure requirements or the artistic merits of proposals.

“Animation of the routes”

yorkshire1_2428392aNext there’ll be around four “animation of the routes” (ulp!) commissions, designed to “facilitate and coordinate arts activity” along the tour route.

Worth £100,000 to £150,000, projects have to be memorable and high-impact (but no mention of “once in a lifetime experiences”).

They’ll also have to reach “many” people, and be mostly free (but no requirement of potential for broadcast – told you it was a hierarchy). You’ll need the same track record and the same support from the local authority and landowner.

Community commissions

yorkshire dales rbThen there’ll be around 20 “community commissions” designed to “facilitate community-centred arts activity which responds to the Grand Départ”. Worth between £5,000 and £10,000 each, they’ll need to be memorable, but there’s no requirement to be high-impact or once in a lifetime.

And you don’t need the support of the council or a landowner to apply.

For all three types of cash awards, proposals that “demonstrate an element of match funding” are positively welcomed.

There’s also going to be marketing and PR support (but no cash) for some 20 existing cultural organisations who put on new productions or premieres (preferably of new work) during the 100-day festival. That strand goes under the name of the “Spotlight on Yorkshire Peloton Programme”.

Finally there’s marketing and PR support for an unlimited number of existing arts events.

Festival director Maria Bota

Festival director Maria Bota

Deadline 6 weeks away

If you’re thinking of going for one of the eight big awards, you’ll have to submit your “detailed expression of interest” by 14th October (that’s only six weeks away, folks!), having already talked to festival director Maria Bota and secured the support of your council and any landowner involved.

Proposals for the top two tiers of awards will be shortlisted by Bota. A final decision on which projects get what will be decided in late November by the festival’s steering group.

If you want to get involved and find out more, there’s a series of events being held across West and North Yorkshire starting today (Tuesday 3rd September).

Find out if there’s one near you here.

The festival runs from 27th March to 6th July 2013, with most of the arts activities happening from the middle of June.

The race sets off from Leeds on 5th July, completing its two Yorkshire legs in Sheffield the following day.


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8 Responses to Major projects to snaffle bulk of cash for Tour de France Yorkshire festival

  1. John Kingston says:

    I was in an Italian city for one of the stages of the Giro (not for the cycling). There was minimal road closures or disruption and it was of interest only to cycle fans, Hotels were not busier and it was not some great event. Granted, this is a much bigger race, and Leeds will ensure that disruption is maximised, but the economic benefits of these occasions is always way overstated.

    “high-impact, memorable, once in a lifetime experiences” – awful!

  2. Mike Chitty says:

    Does the ‘legacy’ word not get a mention? Or is that in another funding stream?

  3. there was! and there’s another legacy funding stream too, i think. come this time next year you want to be able to move for legacy … so I didn’t mention it this time round. there was “vibrant” and innovative” and “pushing boundaries” too, but as an act of kindness i didn’t mention them either..

  4. Fancy having a bet on who gets the 20 Community commissions?

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  6. wilfred lines says:

    being involved in putting together an idea for one of the major funding streams, there seems to be a distinct smell of nepotism emerging. The requirements keep changing away from a multi-community oriented project into ones pre-chosen by Bota. What’s the betting that David Lascelles egts a mjor commision!

  7. Eric Landale says:

    Cliches and nepotism. Sounds like the arts establishment to me! And Ms Bota is a fully paid up member…

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