Council to look at restricting ads for payday lenders in public spaces in Leeds

chamberPayday lenders’ ability to advertise on billboards and at bus stops in Leeds could end up being restricted in the future.

Councillors are debating a motion next Wednesday that would set the ball rolling. If they agree to it, officers will produce a report for the council’s decision-making executive board looking into “the possibility of working with city partners to restrict the advertising of high interest or payday lenders in public spaces – for example, on billboards and in bus stops”.

The motion’s being proposed by Leeds City Council leader Keith Wakefield, so it will get the backing of the Labour majority in the chamber.

Leeds is one of six Yorkshire councils that announced last week that they had joined forces to block the websites of all known payday lenders from council computer terminals.

Wednesday’s motion also instructs chief executive Tom Riordan to write to the Minister for Employment Relations and Consumer Affairs to lobby Government to:

* look again at introducing a cap on interest rates charged by high cost, short-term lenders

* introduce restrictions around the practice of ‘rolling over’ loans …

* and re-designate such lenders within the Town and Country Planning Act so as to require planning permission to be granted before certain establishments can be converted into pay day or high interest loan shops.

You can watch the debate on the issue live on Wednesday afternoon on the internet by going to this link. It won’t happen till towards the end of the session. 


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4 Responses to Council to look at restricting ads for payday lenders in public spaces in Leeds

  1. Mike Chitty says:

    Of course! Its the ads that drive the pay day lending market…how about a different approach to economic development. One that is more inclusive?

    • Techno says:

      Completely agree. If people can’t borrow from the legal lenders they will just go to the illegal lenders instead. How about just taxing the poor less so things are cheaper and they have more spare cash in their pocket?

      But people turning to loan sharks would be great publicity for my Labour MP who, along with her predecessor, has used their campaigns against loan sharks to great effect.

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  3. Steve Williamson says:

    I think the motion would be better if it were more positive – how about a campaign to pay the Living Wage and reduce the use of zero hours contracts? Leeds City Council could commit itself and require all its contractors/service providers to pay staff at least at Living Wage levels…

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