All change on Whitehall Road!

The Whitehall Riverside development off Whitehall Road, Leeds

The Whitehall Riverside development off Whitehall Road, Leeds

Two major schemes to regenerate land along Whitehall Road have moved a step closer to reality.

Initial outline plans for a multi-million pound development including three office buildings, a multi-storey car park, ground floor restaurant and gym at Whitehall Riverside by Merrion Centre owners Town Centre Securities were welcomed by councillors sitting on the city centre plans panel.

Morley Independent councillor Tom Leadley summed up when he said:

“It fits in well with what is already there and what is planned for Whitehall Road. I have no objections.”

The plans were unanimously approved in principle. Detailed plans with the full design of the buildings will be brought back for the panel to consider at a later date.

AAnythingn artists impression of the new buildings on Wellington Place

And detailed plans for  two six-storey office blocks with lower ground car parking and landscaping at the corner of Whitehall Road and Northern Street were also unanimously approved.

The new blocks will form buildings five and six of the new Wellington Place urban development, which was described by a planning officer as a ‘successful and elegant series of buildings’. It’s expected building work will start during 2014-2015.

A ‘boulevard’ idea along the Whitehall Road frontage was welcomed, as was the inclusion of a public realm area. The proposals included glazed atriums and landscaped terraces.

Guiseley and Rawdon Tory Councillor Graham Latty  said he was delighted at the development and hoped that same quality would continue all along Whitehall Road.


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