Troubled Leeds agency hiring as enquiry into bullying claims continues

leedsandpartnersCalling all you business and leisure tourism professionals in Leeds and beyond!

Despite its well-known troubles, Leeds’ marketing and investment agency Leeds and Partners is hiring.

An advert for a £50k-£55k a year “Associate Director Visitor Economy” job went up on the council-backed company’s website and on Guardian jobs last week.


The job ad was posted as an independent enquiry launched by Leeds City Council was continuing into a series of allegations against the £160,000-a-year head of the company, Lurene Joseph.

Those allegations, including bullying,  came in a formal grievance lodged in early October by six council staff previously seconded to work for Leeds and Partners. Another nine former members of staff have written statements of support.

The board at Leeds and Partners obviously feels that it can’t wait for the outcome of the enquiry and has to press on and get the appointment process under way.


Presumably because the company’s current Head of Tourism appears to have moved on (temporarily? permanently?) to work on preparations for Yorkshire’s hosting of the Tour de France next July. And it’s not quite clear who, in her absence, is doing important stuff like delivering the campaigns expected in return for the £500k tourism funding won from central government last year.


The bit in the ad that caught my eye, though, was this part of the post-holder’s responsibilities:

“Managing a team of tourism professionals they will be responsible for delivering a range of activities in support of the agency’s strategic objectives”

Team? If I were applying I think I’d want to know who exactly is left on the team these days.

How about the former members of the council’s tourism service, who were seconded en masse to Leeds and Partners (or Marketing Leeds, as it was still known then) a few months after Ms Joseph’s arrival – along with colleagues from the business and enterprise service?

How many of them are still working at Leeds and Partners? How many have jumped ship? And why?

Closing date for applications is this Friday, 15th November. You’d better hurry. Or not.


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3 Responses to Troubled Leeds agency hiring as enquiry into bullying claims continues

  1. oludenizdollz says:

    Hmmm ……nice salary but tbh I don’t think I’d touch that job with the sharp end of a shitty stick !!!

  2. Another Leeds Citizen says:

    Have a look at the Rotten Boroughs page in the current Private Eye (1353), where it highlights some of the concerns about L&P.

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