Free tickets to controversial Tour de France event in Leeds doubled

leedstourThe organisers of the “opening ceremony” Tour de France event at the first direct arena in Leeds in July have doubled the number of free tickets they’re making available.

Chief executive of Welcome to Yorkshire told BBC Radio Leeds this afternoon that the 13,500 people going to the arena for the team presentation “includes two thousand free seats that have gone out to schoolkids, cycling groups and other such people.”

Mr Verity told the radio earlier in the week that 1,000 free tickets were going to be made available for “schoolchildren and others”.

A random search for "tdf tickets" on Twitter earlier this week

A random search for “tdf tickets” on Twitter earlier this week

He gave no explanation for the extra allocation.

There has been a lot of anger and disappointment from cycling fans in the local media since the price of tickets (£45-£85) for the public presentation of the teams – almost always a free event – was announced.

The increased number of free tickets means at least £45,000 less revenue for the show.

Verity told the radio today that ticket sales would probably only pay for two-thirds of the show’s cost.

With 9,500 now going on sale, a sell-out crowd would bring in around £485,000.  

Which makes it a pretty expensive show.

Mr Verity said earlier in the week that Welcome to Yorkshire would be picking up the tab for any gap between the cost of the show and the income generated by tickets.



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