Get me a murder a day! Here’s the #localjournalism that we’re reading most today

Given that they’re talking about the state of “local journalism” in Salford today, thought it might be worth having a look to check what local news stories us readers have liked best this morning.

What’s dominating those “Most read” lists?

Football! Accidents! Crime!

Holding the authorities to account? Erm …

Is that because we’re not interested or because they don’t do holding to account?

And if they don’t, is that because they they know what we really want is “‘Don’t drink from our train toilet bowls’, Southeastern warns.”  (see South London).




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3 Responses to Get me a murder a day! Here’s the #localjournalism that we’re reading most today

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  2. Techno says:

    I must admit to being sympathetic to politicians sometimes. People take no interest in decision-making until something happens that affects them, then they just want “somebody to do something about it” as quickly as possible.

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