Mischief in south Leeds: “MISSING” posters spotted for local councillors

There’s a bit of political mischief going on in south Leeds. Here’s a poster spotted today by @BasementArtsPro (who took the pic) in Beeston and @realtoadee in Hunslet.

Who’s made the posters? Angry new left? Angry new right?

Whatever. It’s already been dubbed the “Beeston Spring” by @TheSocBiz.

Let’s hope the fun continues till May.



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6 Responses to Mischief in south Leeds: “MISSING” posters spotted for local councillors

  1. Bywater blog says:

    If they told the electorate how many meetings the councillors had attended, that would be an honest critisism; but some councillors dont live in the ward they are elected to, so they may not be seen ‘around town’. Would they know what is happening in their own ward without living there, perhaps not.

  2. Techno says:

    But every election day the locals troop obediently out and vote mindlessly for them again, regardless of what they do.

    Having been involved in local politics for a short time, I know that some parties find it difficult to even get enough people to even stand as councilors in the first place. This might be the case with Labour as well. The chap who works in London may not have even wanted the job much in the first place.

    The root cause is apathy about politics by the general public.

  3. Techno says:

    By the way, the poster in the photo appears to be taped to a bus!

  4. Tony says:

    Interesting story? I’m interested in hearing from anyone who reads the Leeds Citizen and who might be able to tell me what you think of it. See here:


    Thanks to everyone who has already got in touch.

  5. Gerry Mander says:

    Good effort by someone there, such a shame that none of these Councillors are actually responsible for the Beeston Ward. Just a thought.

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