Developers appeal over council rejection of plans for 700 new homes in east Leeds

Map from the Save Our Scholes Facebook page

Map from the Save Our Scholes Facebook page

Developers have lodged an appeal against a council decision to turn down their plans for a major new housing development in East Leeds.

Councillors rejected the application by the Scholes Development Company and Barratt David Wilson Homes to build up to 700 new houses, a new primary school, community and other facilities in East Scholes back in August.

They said the plans were premature, had “poor sustainability credentials”, hadn’t demonstrated that local roads would be able to cope with the extra traffic, and were “likely to adversely impact on the character, sustainability and identity of Scholes”.

Local residents have been fighting the plans since they were first announced by Leeds developer GMI, the parent company of the Scholes Development Company.

The appeal, lodged yesterday, won’t come as any great surprise to campaigners.

“I can’t see any developer spending the kind of money that has been spent already and not continuing until it has gone the full way,” local parish council chair Ben Hogan told the Ripon Gazette after August’s planning application refusal.

Campaigners “will remain steadfast”

The developers say they expect the “large and complicated appeal” to last eight days, dealing with each of the council’s five reasons for refusal in detail.

“There has, in addition, been significant public interest in the proposed development which adds to the importance of ensuring there is a thorough investigation into, and formal testing of, the expert evidence of both the Appellants (the developers) and the LPA (local planning authority – the council),” the appeal justification says.

“For these reasons the Appellants consider that only the inquiry procedure will guarantee full exploration and consideration of all of the issues involved in the appeal”.

Local community campaigner George Hall told the leeds citizen that the planning inquiry would mean further considerable pressure for the local community.

“The developers want to change our lifestyle, something that we as trustees  would aim to preserve for future generations,” he said. “We will remain steadfast in our opposition to their proposals as we do not share their vision for our community.”


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One Response to Developers appeal over council rejection of plans for 700 new homes in east Leeds

  1. Paul Thomas says:

    So, Scholes has a ‘lifestyle’ – supposedly distinct from the rest of us – which the developers purposively want to change? And what’s that exactly?

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