Headingley to break pop gig duck? That would be Madness

stadiumCould Headingley Stadium be about to break its duck as a gig venue, with an open-air concert by Madness around the time of the Rugby World Cup?

It looks like it.

You’ll have been wondering (you weren’t? oh, never mind) what happened to the plan to hold pop gigs at the Carnegie stadium after Yorkshire County Cricket Club got planning permission from Leeds City Council back in January 2013.

Well … nothing happened.

And now the permission – to hold up to six gigs over two years – has run out, so the Club are back asking one of the council’s planning panels to renew it for the next two years.

“The Club have stated that Madness are the likely act to perform one concert in September 2015 should planning permission be granted,” says a report going to a panel meeting next week (19th February).

Funnily enough, Madness are currently teasing their fans about a Grandslam Madness tour this summer … the fans reckon it’s going to be rugby venues … and the Rugby World Cup is coming to Leeds with two games at Elland Rd at the end of September.

Will the Club get permission?

At Rugby venues?

At Rugby venues?

You’d think so. They’re asking for the same thing as they were two years ago: six gigs over two years, maximum crowd of 14,999, sound limited to 75 decibels, concert over by 10pm, stadium cleared by 10.30 …

A couple of councillors and some residents are against the latest application, but council officers are recommending a ‘yes’.

“There are no change is circumstances since the expired temporary planning permission was granted that would warrant a reason for refusal of the current application,” they say in the report.

And why didn’t the cash-strapped club, which could really do with the extra income, hold any gigs held over the past two years?

No gigs were organised “due to the limited opportunity to align artists schedules with that of the Cricket Season an (sic) suitable opportunity did not present itself”.

Fans of Ken Bruce will be pleased to know that the plan is still to put on gigs by “Radio 2′ type acts”.

Is it really over 30 years ago?


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One Response to Headingley to break pop gig duck? That would be Madness

  1. Mike Chitty says:

    75 decibels is the loudness of a toilet flushing, apparently

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