Is there anybody there? Knock three times if the head of Leeds markets has left the job

sue carrol

Psychic medium Sue 

“I was very impressed with the accuracy of Sue’s reading, and I encourage everyone to come along!”

Leeds Lord Mayor Cllr Gerry Harper is holding a charity fund-raiser in the Civic Hall in May featuring “psychic medium” Sue Carrol. Gerry, who used to be chairman of the board at Leeds Markets, had a personal reading from Sue recently. And was very impressed, the event’s blurb says.

The spooky thing is that Sue, who, according to the same blurb, has given hundreds of readings since she started “doing this professionally”, bears an uncanny resemblance to another Sue – Sue Burgess, the council officer in charge of Leeds Markets.


Council officer Sue

Of course it doesn’t matter if “professional medium” Sue and council officer Sue are one and the same person, or that the fundraiser’s eventbrite page makes no mention of Sue the council officer or Harper and Burgess’ long professional relationship: nobody will be being paid for anything and it’s just a bit of fun in a good cause …

Except that a voice came to me in the night saying that Sue Burgess had left her job at the council after years that have seen many ups and downs. There’s been no announcement, so I’m going to try and attend the event, despite the warning that anyone under 18 may find some of the content upsetting.

And if I get one of the limited places on offer I’m going to ask Sue the psychic medium to
connect with the spirit world to see if anyone up there knows what’s happened to Sue the council officer.


Is there anybody there?


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2 Responses to Is there anybody there? Knock three times if the head of Leeds markets has left the job

  1. Steve Williams says:

    She only has herself to blame: she should have seen this coming.

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