Changes ahead at Leeds Tiled Hall café: inscrutable council report explains

ll-tiled-hall-may-2015-at-11Watch out, you lovers of three bean salad with a cheeky pino, you fans of a slice of torte over your iPad with your morning macchiato, changes are afoot at the Victorian Tiled Hall Cafe at the home of Leeds art gallery and library.

The contracts for “cafe provision and daytime hospitality” at the Cafe (and at the City Museum and Abbey House Museum in Kirkstall) run out at the end of May and the council wants to bring the service in-house and make some changes, says a report published on the council’s website.

The external contractors (who apparently want out) haven’t been making enough money, and the council reckons there’s scope to turn that round, meet income targets and generate an extra £144,000 a year by providing “a holistic conferencing, retail and café offer across the three venues”.

They’re still at the negotiating stage of terminating the contracts, but when that’s all sorted the plan is “to provide supportive community spaces within the cafes whilst considering the diversity of economic engagement through menu choice and pricing”.

coffeeDiversity of economic engagement? Anyone?

I think they mean they’re not getting enough people in who aren’t into a slice of torte with their morning macchiato, but I could be wrong.

Goes without saying that there’s the obligatory nod in the report to the Leeds bid to be the European Capital of Culture in 2023. Obvs. All decisions remotely connected with culture will be framed by THE BID till further notice!

“The proposal supports the councils aim for hosting world class events by improvement to better linking events into our cultural offer including our aims for the 2023 City of Culture bid and will contribute to the vibrant cultural offer of the city as a whole,” the report says.

No. Me neither. And I’ve read it five times.

Make that six.


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