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Leeds: inquiry into £4.8m taxpayer loan that got written off starts this week

An inquiry into what went wrong with a £4.8m taxpayer loan to a Leeds hotel project that ended up going bust gets under way on Wednesday. The loan, issued in March 2013 by local funding body, the LEP, has now … Continue reading

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Leeds – council watchdog to hear official response to Burberry deal collapse

The fall-out from international fashion giant Burberry’s withdrawal from a proposed deal to build a new factory in south Leeds is going to get a public airing next week. One of Leeds City Council’s watchdog committees has called on a … Continue reading

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Revised Leeds housing target “may be in region of 55,000 homes” (not 70,000)

Controversial figures for the number of houses Leeds is going to need over the coming years look likely to be revised downwards later this year by a significant amount. The Labour council’s housing target of 70,000 new homes (from 2014-28) … Continue reading

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PFI waste contractor to pay Leeds council undisclosed sum for performance failure

Leeds City council has come to a financial agreement with its PFI waste contractor Veolia over targets the company has consistently missed since the facility opened. The £450m energy recovery and recycling facility in Cross Green Leeds became fully operational in … Continue reading

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The £1.5m grant that swung Burberry’s decision to move its services centre to Leeds

It’s only a minor footnote in the history of Burberry’s ongoing bromance with Leeds, but hey, I didn’t know how this stuff worked before this morning, so I thought I’d share it in case anyone else was interested. It turns … Continue reading

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Time to ditch the Leeds Visitor Centre? And while they’re at it …

Remember how baffled everyone was when the council decided to shut the tourism information centre at the city’s railway station and move it to the art gallery’s shop? “Ridiculous … idiotic … ludicrous … leave it where it is,” summed … Continue reading

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And the Leeds tech hub cash goes to … developers Bruntwood

It’s a funny old do, this “tech hub” thing in Leeds. Just when you think you know what it is and where it’s based, another one pops up and gets you confused again. First I thought the tech hub was … Continue reading

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