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Leeds: inquiry into £4.8m taxpayer loan that got written off starts this week

An inquiry into what went wrong with a £4.8m taxpayer loan to a Leeds hotel project that ended up going bust gets under way on Wednesday. The loan, issued in March 2013 by local funding body, the LEP, has now … Continue reading

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The £1.5m grant that swung Burberry’s decision to move its services centre to Leeds

It’s only a minor footnote in the history of Burberry’s ongoing bromance with Leeds, but hey, I didn’t know how this stuff worked before this morning, so I thought I’d share it in case anyone else was interested. It turns … Continue reading

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Dear West Yorks Combined Authority, can you please tell us what’s going on with OUR devolution?

Given the secrecy and lack of democratic accountability that’s emerging over the deal being struck with Westminster over devolution for West Yorkshire, I thought I’d write an open letter to the people who are negotiating the deal ON OUR BEHALF. … Continue reading

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New politics? Not in West Yorkshire. Here’s how we do devolution

Whenever you turn the telly or radio on these days, there’s some commentator or politician spouting on about how – after the Scottish vote on independence and the rise of UKIP – we’re living through an era of “new politics”. … Continue reading

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