Which Leeds arts organisations have won what Arts Council funding? Here’s the list


It’s D-Day for those Leeds arts/culture organisations that have been looking for funding from Arts Council England as National Portfolio organisations.

The funding was announced this morning. Here are some facts that catch the eye:

Not far off two thirds (62%) of all the funding heading to Leeds is shared by two organisations, Opera North (£41.5 million) and Northern Ballet (£12.4 million).

Notable new entrants on the list include the organisation that runs The Tetley, Project Space (now under new management), who get £1m, Invisible Flock (£780k) and “disruptive philanthropy” organisation Cause4 (£2m).

There’s a return to the list for the Red Ladder Theatre Company (£660k), whose response to being dumped last time round (2015-18) was to set up a successful #gisatenner crowdfunding campaign.

The organisations that seem to have lost all funding are: Blah Blah Blah Theatre, and Alchemy.

Two entries on the list for the omnipresent East Street Arts (I’m not clear what’s going on there).

Here’s the list. Note that the portfolio funding is for four years, not three as previously, so what might look like increases may well not be.



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5 Responses to Which Leeds arts organisations have won what Arts Council funding? Here’s the list

  1. Gareth says:

    Be interesting to see how much more Manc gets (note not even a doubt they did)…

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  3. struddie says:

    This £ per head of population comparison is meaningless. Look at where the funding goes to; City Centre large arts organisations who provide arts for well off arts consumers, not to community led arts organisations rooted in disadvantaged communities and serving those who don’t have the means to attend city centre arts even if they wanted to!

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