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Leeds council in a bind over WPUK call for apology. What can it possibly say?

We all make mistakes. And when someone points out our mistake our first instinct is to look for reasons (or excuses) to delay or avoid saying we’re sorry. For an organisation, saying sorry is a risky business: you’ve got to … Continue reading

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Influence, groupthink and fear. Leeds and the stifling of the transgender debate

It’s three weeks since Leeds City Council controversially cancelled a room booking made by Woman’s Place UK, a group set up to campaign to ensure women’s voices are heard in the debate around proposals to change the Gender Recognition Act. … Continue reading

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York 4 – 1 Bradford, opera, bums on seats & other Arts Council funding tidbits

I realise it’s old hat to bang on about the amount that the two jewels in the Leeds arts crown – Opera North and Northern Ballet – get in funding from the Arts Council, but it is a bit odd, … Continue reading

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Time to ditch the Leeds Visitor Centre? And while they’re at it …

Remember how baffled everyone was when the council decided to shut the tourism information centre at the city’s railway station and move it to the art gallery’s shop? “Ridiculous … idiotic … ludicrous … leave it where it is,” summed … Continue reading

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And the Leeds tech hub cash goes to … developers Bruntwood

It’s a funny old do, this “tech hub” thing in Leeds. Just when you think you know what it is and where it’s based, another one pops up and gets you confused again. First I thought the tech hub was … Continue reading

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Now we’re definitely bidding, some FAQs about the Euro Culture Capital bid

Some FAQs about what’s going to happen after Leeds council bosses rubber-stamp a report next week (18th March) recommending the city bid to become European Capital of Culture in 2023. Q: Who’s going to run the bid? A “strategic steering … Continue reading

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Leeds councillors to decide future of webcasts after “very good” viewing figures

Some interesting stats for Leeds councillors to ponder as they decide next week whether to continue webcasting regular meetings of the full council (of course they’ll continue). Viewing figures have been released for the first five webcasts made available on the … Continue reading

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Trinity Kitchen: A street treat from ‘the whore of Babylon’?

Mention Trinity Leeds to most people and you’ll usually get a very polarised response. As one blogger wrote earlier this week, it’s either ‘the whore of  Babylon, or Trinity – depending where you stand on shopping destinations’. The new Trinity … Continue reading

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Vorsprung Durch Apparatchik and the mayor’s long wheel base Jag

My wife Liza and I had a bit of a barney at breakfast yesterday. Not as bad as the one we had that day they made the announcement about the Leeds Design Institute. But bad. And about the mayor of … Continue reading

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Seconds out for round two of Leeds retail ruck as White Rose expansion plans revealed

Interesting to read last week about the plans to expand the White Rose retail park in south Leeds. Developer Land Securities is going to submit a planning application before the end of the year to add a multi-screen cinema, restaurants … Continue reading

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